For an excellent business-to-business public relations campaign.

Community Relations
For community relations campaigns not conducted by government/local authorities.

Corporate responsibility
For excellence and leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility.

A public relations campaign on an environmental issue with substantial results on society.

Financial services
Use of public relations for a financial product or service.

For an outstanding public relations campaign in the pharmaceuticals or healthcare industry.

Investor relations
Use of public relations and communication in the investor relations space.

NGO campaign
For an effective public relations campaign by a charity or non-governmental organisation targeting a specific issue. Reduced entry fee for registered charities entering in-house the Non-Profit Organisation Number must appear on the entry form – not entered by the consultancy – for details please contact

Public Affairs
A well-planned and orchestrated public affairs (lobbying) campaign that clearly influenced or changed public policy.

Public Relations on a shoestring
For an imaginative public relations campaign done on a small budget.

Public sector
For an effective public sector (local authorities, councils, government departments or government authorities) campaign that used public relations tactics to raise knowledge or awareness of an issue or change behaviour.

For the successful use of public relations in the resources industries.

For an innovative public relations campaign that promoted or created awareness of sponsorship of an event or activity.

For the effective use of public relations in the technology sector, including business-to-business and consumer campaigns.

Travel & tourism
For the successful use of public relations in the transport, travel, hotel or tourism industries.